Manufacturing of die-casting dies

Dies for cast parts: dimensional tolerances and aesthetics

The manufacturing of die-casting tools is the core business with the highest level of specialization of P.C.S.

From the engineering of the part shared with the customer, till the study of the best solutions to achieve outstanding castings in aluminium and zinc, in 30 years of business P.C.S. has produced over one thousand die-casting dies, actually many more if the production of former company is taken into account.

Dealing with sectors such as household and gift and fancy goods industry, where the design is an essential condition, or automotive, a field in which dimensional precision and tolerances are a must, has contributed not only to the fine-tuning of technical competences with the continuous research of new solutions and technologies, but also to the creation of a rigorous working method, based on operative processes that allow P.C.S. to monitor the whole production process as to ensure the perfect operation of the equipment and the highest possible quality of the final product.

The long-term cooperation with selected, qualified and certified partners, along with the use of first-quality normed materials, contribute to realize long-lasting equipment with reliable mechanical properties.

A few examples of particularly complex die-casting dies out of P.C.S. typical production: