Manufacturing of moulds for plastics

Bi-component parts and great attention to finishes

The injection mould for plastic, rubber and resin materials is part of the historical production of P.C.S. and even more of the former company's expertise. For this reason, despite the number of orders for plastic casting equipment has decreased over time in favour of those for die-casting, P.C.S. has an extensive know-how to supply moulds for plastics, highly performing in terms of asthetic results and duration.

Technically less complex than die-casting dies, moulds for plastic components usually require less design work, but great attention to finishes, so that it is possible to realize cast parts that do not need any remachining,

Like for the die-casting dies, P.C.S. is able to provide a valuable customer service for the engineering of the part and to produce injection equipment intended to realize bi-component parts: in this case plastic and metal, pastic and rubber, rubber and metal.

A few examples of moulds for plastic materials manufactured in P.C.S.: