Working process

Experience and professionalism to achieve quality and long lasting dies

Through continuously updated latest-generation equipment and software, P.C.S. is able to realize more and more complex dies.

The professional expertise gained in nearly 45 years of business, along with a production cycle optimized according to lean production processes, allows P.C.S. to produce dies which are correct to the last detail and with outstanding long lasting performance.

The expertise and long-term cooperation with trustful partners allows P.C.S. to use suitable steels and heat and surface treatments, of certified and proven quality, in order to achieve perfect castings and maximum equipment efficiency.

All the toolings created in P.C.S. are manufactured to pursue specific objectives:

  • To meet the requirements and features of the foundry where they will come into service
  • To give a decisive contribution to the production of castings with the highest possible quality
  • To supply a tool that, if correctly mantained and used, can grant long lifetime and reliablilty