Design and engineering

Die design

The design of the tools can be realized either in cooperation with the customer or in complete autonomy by P.C.S.

Through its own expertise, skilled collaborator technicians and continuously updated CAD/CAM design systems, P.C.S. is indeed able to design whole dies in 3D and hence to obtain complete machining processes for 3 and 5-axis machines of its own manufacturing plant.

Over the years P.C.S. also has gained stable collaborations with highly specialized external companies in casting simulations.


Engineering of the parts

P.C.S. technical office is equipped with Visi and 3-5 axis WorkNC, software that gives a significant contribution to the engineering of the part to be obtained.

The availability of these technologies, along with the great expertise gained in the sector and a continuous staff training plan, provide the perfect environment to support the customer in the engineering of the part to be produced with the die.