Manufacturing of low pressure die-casting moulds

The highest quality moulds to achieve high aesthetic results for the cast part

Through the competences acquired in the die manufacturing for high-pressure die-casting, P.C.S. can easily fullfil the requirements of low-pressure die-casting moulds, an older technique which has recently seen widespread use due to lower cost equipment.

The low-pressure die-casting, up to some years ago reserved to few industrial niches, nowadays is indeed widely used in sectors such as hobby, interior design and gift and fancy goods industry, with parts in light alloys of aluminium, magnesium or metals with similar properties, particularly with regards to the melting point, which has to be relatively low, so as to obtain the complete filling of the casting shape.

With respect to traditional die-casting equipment, besides lower costs, the performance of a low-pressure mould has a high aesthetic level, however, against longer production time and shorter lifetime of the equipment. Such features make low-pressure casting the ideal instrument in case of rather small production batches.

A few examples of low-pressure moulds recently manufactured by P.C.S.: