Manufacturing of chill moulds and core boxes

Know-how for the engineering of automotive parts

Further to long-term partnerships with foundries and other operators of the automotive sector, P.C.S. has been able to improve its own skills and competences in the manufacturing of chill casting equipment, tipically for gravity-casting, and in the production of the corresponding core boxes.

This kind of technology is in many respects very similar to die-casting, which is often also called high-pressure casting, the only difference is that in gravity casting there is no injection under pressure, on the contrary metal at liquid state is poured and it fills the cavities of a mould matrix, so-called chill, excluding the core boxes, used to get vacuum areas in the part and to insert other elemets if needed, such as electric coils, wirings, electronic boards.

The main advantage of this technology compared with, for instance, die-casting, is a considerably lower production cost of the equipment. On the other hand there are other factors that can make the chill mould unfavourable: the production time of the parts is on average longer than in die-casting, the duration of the equipment is shorter and the extruded parts obtained require further finishing processes.

Also in the field of chill moulds and core boxes, P.C.S. is able to offer an important support for the engineering of the finished product and through its own competence and willingness, P.C.S. can help the customer to find out the most convenient and efficient process to achieve their own production targets.

A few examples of chill moulds recently manufactured in P.C.S.: